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Leah Bremer

Assistant Specialist, University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization and Water Resources Research Center

     540 Saunders Hall
     2424 Maile Way
     Honolulu, HI 96822
     Link to curriculum vitae


PhD Geography, 2012 University of California at Santa Barbara – San Diego State University

M.S. Conservation Biology, 2004 Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand-Macquarie University, Australia

B.A. Psychology (Spanish minor), 2001 Northwestern University

Research Interests

Ecosystem services, social-ecological systems, watershed management and conservation, land-use change, water resources.

Leah joined UHERO and the Water Resources Research Center in July 2017 as an Assistant Specialist and Conservation Scientist. She focuses on stakeholder-driven interdisciplinary research on the multiple benefits of watershed conservation and sustainable management. She currently works on a variety of projects related to water and watershed management in Hawaii and has worked extensively with The Natural Capital Project and The Latin American Water Funds Partnership on water funds in Latin America.

Selected Grants

2018-2020 U.S. Department Of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Conservation Innovation Grant: Restoring ecosystem services and biodiversity through cost-effective and resilient agroforestry systems. $75,000, Principal Investigator.

2018-2019 College of Social Sciences Research Support Award: Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services through cost-effective and resilient agroforestry systems. $15,000, Principal Investigator.

2018 - 2019 Department of Water Supply, Hawaiʻi Island: Spatial prioritization of investments in watershed protection for cost-effective groundwater recharge benefits. $50,000, Principal Investigator.

2016-2019 Belmont Forum Mountains as Sentinels of Change “ClimateWise: Climate-Smart Watershed Investments in the Montane Tropics of South America.” (Senior Personnel)

2009-2010 Fulbright Scholarship to Ecuador

2003-2004 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to New Zealand

Selected Publications

Delevaux, J.M.S., Jupiter, S.D., Stamoulis, K.A., Bremer, L.L., Wenger, A.S., Dacks, R., Garrod, P., Falinski, K.A., & T. Ticktin. 2018. Scenario planning with linked land-sea models inform where forest conservation actions will promote coral reef resilience. Scientific Reports 8:12465.

Bremer, L. L., L. Mandle, C. Trauernicht, P. Pascua, H. L. McMillen, K. Burnett, C. A. Wada, N. Kurashima, S. Quazi, T. Giambelluca, P. Chock, and T. Ticktin. 2018. Bringing multiple values to the table: assessing future land-use and climate change in North Kona, Hawai'i. Ecology and Society 23(1):33.

Delevaux, J.M.S., Whittier, R, Stamoulis, K.A., Bremer, L.L., Jupiter, S., Friedlander, A.M., et al. 2018. A linked land-sea modeling framework to inform ridge-to-reef management in high oceanic islands. PLoS ONE 13(3): e0193230.

Bremer, L.L., Wada, C., Burnett, K., Medoff, S., Page, J., Lee, S., Allen, S., and Falinki, K. 2018. Economic Valuation of The Nature Conservancy’s Watershed Conservation Activities in Waikamoi Preserve, Maui. UHERO report for The Nature Conservancy of Hawai'i.

Wada, C., Bremer, L.L., Burnett, K., Trauernicht, C., Giambelluca, T., Mandle, L., Parsons, E., Weil, C., Kurashima, N., and T. Ticktin. Farley, K.A. and Bremer L.L. In Press. Estimating cost-effectiveness of dry forest restoration using spatial changes in water yield and landscape flammability under climate change. Pacific Science.

Farley, K. A., and L.L. Bremer. 2017. “Water Is Life”: Local Perceptions of Páramo Grasslands and Land Management Strategies Associated with Payment for Ecosystem Services. Annals of the American Association of Geographers 4452 :1–11.

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Vogl, A. L., Goldstein, J.H., Daily, G.C., Vira, B., Bremer, L.L., McDonald, R.I., Shemie, D. Tellman, B., and J. Cassin. 2017. Mainstreaming investments in watershed services to enhance water security: Barriers and opportunities. Environmental Science & Policy 75:19–27.

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Bremer, L.L., Farley, K.A., Chadwick, O.A., and C. P. Harden. 2016. Changes in carbon storage with land management promoted by payment for ecosystem services. Environmental Conservation 43:397–406

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Bremer, L.L., Ricketts, T., Manning, R., Trevino, K. New Park Resources. 2016, In: Manning, R., Diamant, R., Mitchell, N., Harmond, D. (eds.). A Thinking Person’s Guide to National Parks. George Braziller Publishers, New York.

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Bremer, L.L., Delevaux, J., Leary, J.K., Cox, L.J., and Oleson, K.L. 2015. Opportunities and strategies to incorporate ecosystem services knowledge and decision support tools into planning and decision making in Hawaii. Environmental Management. 55(4): 884-899.

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