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UHERO research programs address many of the key policy challenges facing Hawai'i and the Asia Pacific Region







UHERO research covers a wide array of topics, areas of academic inquiry, and policy challenges. Much of this research falls within one of these broad focus areas:


UHERO research on Hawaii's economy provides vital information and analysis on the local economy and cutting-edge analysis of pressing policy issues.  The Forecast Project produces multi-year forecasts for the Hawaii economy, major external economies, and the four counties, with analysis of key developments and emerging trends.  The Data Portal is a one-stop shop for relevant economic data.  UHERO researchers also conduct applied research in areas such as forecasting technique, evaluation the tax and expenditure programs, and the impact of events such as the 9/11 terror attacks.  

Forecasts, Papers, and Media


The research group applies formal economic analysis to the study of Hawaii's key environmental issues, such as pollution control, water allocation and pricing, and control of invasive species. Specific applications have included characterizing the optimal joint management of a watershed and its downstream groundwater aquifer, assessing the economic benefits of environmental resource conservation, designing policies for the control of Miconia calvescens and the Brown Tree Snake, and developing methods for measuring sustainable development.

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Our researchers undertake projects to assess the conditions affecting workers and residents in Hawaii and Pacific Asia.  Focused largely on the microeconomics of health, education and the effectiveness of labor markets, research has addressed topics ranging from the problem of the medically underinsured to the role of state funding of higher education, and the economic impact of the University of Hawaii.

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Featured Research Programs

Forecast Program
Energy & Greenhouse Gas Solutions
Project Environment