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UHERO Annual Hawai'i Construction Forecast: Despite Credit Concerns, Soft Landing Expected

Posted September 7, 2007 | Categories: Hawaii's Economy, Economic Forecasts

Despite concerns related to recent financial market turmoil, Hawai'i's construction industry still appears to be poised for a soft landing. Growth in real contracting receipts will slow in 2007 and turn negative in 2008-09, with hotel renovation and industrial and commercial construction providing a stabilizing influence in the face of a steadily weakening residential sector. The construction job count is expected to peak in 2008 and decline only slightly in 2009. While real construction spending will turn downward, the nominal tax base will continue to rise as construction costs push up nominal values. While there are currently no signs of a significant and prolonged downturn in Hawai'i's construction sector, any further worsening in the availability or cost of credit will adversely impact this forecast.


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