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Economic Currents

Keep up to date with the latest UHERO news.

Construction Forecast: Rail Construction Will Spur Industry Pick-Up

Private construction has largely stabilized in the islands and poised for limited growth. But the big impetus for construction on Oahu will come from rail transit.

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State Forecast Update: Hawaii's Two-Speed Recovery

Recovery edges forward in the Islands, for now primarily in tourism and mostly on Oahu. But the very rapid tourism rebound will begin to spill over to the rest of the economy in 2011.

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Global Economic Forecast: World Recovery Falters

Global economic recovery is proceeding, but in an uneven fashion. The developing Asian countries that were the first to show signs of life last year continue to expand at a healthy pace, driven by rebounding trade but also by strong domestic demand. 

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State Forecast Update: Strong Summer for Tourism

Hawaii's recovery continues, led by a better-than-expected performance from tourism. The visitor industry's summer strength is sustaining moderate job gains in related sectors.

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UHERO County Forecast: Counties Begin Recovery After Record Downturn

UHERO releases latest County Forecast. Recovery will take hold across Hawai'i's four counties during 2010. Visitor numbers have stabilized and will gradually improve as growth strengthens in major tourism markets.

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