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Products: Water Resources

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Mitigating Runoff As Part of an Integrated Strategy for Nearshore Resource Conservation

This report first presents theoretical considerations for integrated resource management of forested watershed and nearshore resources, then estimates current economic benefits from nearshore resources (beaches and reef) as well as expected economic benefits, in the form of preserved nearshore resource benefits, from conservation of forest resources.

Uhero project report

Optimal Management of a Renewable and Replaceable Resource: The Case of Coastal Groundwater


Published: Roumasset, J., Krulce, D. and Wilson, T., 1997. Optimal management of a renewable and replaceable resource: The case of coastal groundwater. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, November 1997. Reprinted in Easter, W. and Renwick, M., 2004. Economics of Water Resources, Ashgate.

Efficient Groundwater Pricing and Intergenerational Welfare: The Honolulu Case


working paper

Inter-district Water Allocation with Conjunctive Use


Published: Roumasset, J. and Smith, R., 2001.  Inter-district water allocation with conjunctive use. Water Resources Update, 118, 68-73.

Constrained conjunctive-use for endogenously separable water markets: managing the Waihole-Waikane aqueduct

An internal solution to an optimal control problem involving conjunctive-use of surface and groundwater may be inapplicable if water is not sufficiently fungible across space and time. We provide a more general solution and apply it to the problem of allocating a limited amount of water from the Ko‘olau mountains to two Oahu water districts separated by those mountains. The solution involves initially allocating all of the mountain water to the district supplied by groundwater but eventually allocating all of the water to the district supplied by surface water. The conditions for an internal solution hold only in the intervening years when some mountain water is allocated to each district.

Published: Smith, R. B. W. and Roumasset, J., 2000.  Constrained conjunctive-use for endogenously separable water markets: managing the Waihole-Waikane aqueduct.  Agricultural Economics, 24 (1). 61-71.

Privatizing Public Services with Externalities: Water and Wastewater Systems


Published: Roumasset, J., 2000. Privatizing public services with externalities: water and wastewater systems,” Water Resources Update, 117 (October 2000).

Optimal allocation of ground and surface water on O'ahu: water wars in paradise


Published: Moncur, J., Roumasset, J. and Smith, R., 1998.  Optimal allocation of ground and surface water on O'ahu: Water wars in paradise. Conflict and Cooperation on Trans-Boundary Water Resources, Richard E. Just and Sinaia Netanyahu, eds., Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 333-348.

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