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Specialization and non-renewable resources: Ricardo meets Ricardo

The one-demand Hotelling model fails to explain the observed specialization of non renewable resources. We develop a model with multiple demands and resources to show that specialization of resources according to demand is driven by Ricardian comparative advantage while the order of resource use over time is determined by Ricardian absolute advantage. An abundant resource with absolute advantage in all demands must be initially employed in all demands. When each resource has an absolute advantage in some demand, no resource may be used exclusively. The two-by-two model is characterized. Resource and demand-specific taxes are shown to have significant substitution effects.

Published: Chakravorty, U., Krulce, D., and Roumasset, J., 2005.  Specialization and non-renewable resources: Ricardo meets Ricardo.  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 29 (9) 1517-1545.

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