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Tourism Demand and Output in the U.S. Tourism Satellite Accounts: 1998-2003

Posted August 31, 2005 | Categories: Hawaii's Economy, UHERO Working Papers, Mak, James

The Bureau of Economic Analysis’s (BEA) latest estimates of the U.S. travel and tourism satellite accounts for 1998-2003 do not account for changes in the prices of travel goods and services. This brief article estimates real travel and tourism output and demand by using a travel price index computed by the Travel Industry Association of America. The article shows that after accounting for price changes, U.S. tourism output and demand in 2003 did not surpass their pre-2001 peaks, as was suggested by the BEA.

Published: Mak, J., 2005.  Tourism demand and output in the U.S. Tourism Satellite Accounts: 1998-2003.  Journal of Travel Research, 44 (1), 4-5.

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