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UHERO Asia-Pacific Forecast: Hawaii in the Asia-Pacific Century

Posted December 2, 2011 | Categories: Forecasts, Hawaii's Economy

The Asia-Pacific region will see further incremental slowing in the near term, due to headwinds from struggling Western economies. Longer term, several key trends will shape the pattern of growth in the region, including lingering aftereffects of the Japanese quake, population aging in Korea and other Asian economies, the vulnerability of emerging countries to developed economy shocks, and the challenge China faces in moving to a consumer society. These issues will have implications for Hawaii tourism and for local policymaking in coming years.

This report represents the first UHERO Asia-Pacific Forecast, a regionally focused report that replaces the broader Global Forecast we have prepared in past years. The Asia-Pacific Forecast reviews conditions and prospects for key countries within the region. For this maiden edition, we have also enlisted the help of an international team of scholars to provide expert analysis of key longer-term issues for regional economies and Hawaii.

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