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Hawaii Economic Forecast Update:
Oil Surge Fuels Inflation, Threatens Deeper Downturn

Posted June 13, 2008 | Categories: Forecasts, Hawaii's Economy

Prospects for the Hawai‘i economy have worsened significantly since our March Annual Hawai‘i Forecast. The failures of ATA and Aloha airlines, the loss of a second NCL cruise ship, and the dramatic surge in oil prices will damage a local economy that was already feeling the effects of the national downturn. We now expect small net declines in both real income and jobs this year, and higher 5% inflation. A significant recovery of the local economy will not begin until 2010, making this a relatively shallow but lengthy Hawai‘i economic contraction. A deeper slowdown could occur if oil prices remain at their current record levels or if the national housing slump worsens more than expected.

forecast Summary

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