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Annual Hawaii Construction Forecast:
The Cycle is Alive and Well

Posted April 5, 2005 | Categories: Forecasts, Hawaii's Economy

From its trough in the late 90s Hawai‘i construction activity has grown for seven years. This report predicts that growth will continue, resulting in the longest uninterrupted expansion since the 1960s. Forty years ago, the impetus of newly-achieved Statehood and a dramatic decade of in-migration set the tone for Hawaii’s growth for the next half century. More modest growth in construction activity during the current expansion, along with uneven participation across residential, nonresidential, and public sector construction, has set the stage for a more prolonged expansion than in prior cycles. Still, the investment cycle is alive and well. The UHERO Annual Construction Forecast predicts continued growth and discusses the probability of a cyclical turning point further in the future.

forecast summary

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