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Sean D'Evelyn

Assistant Professor of Economics, Loyola Marymount University & UHERO Affiliate Researcher

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Department of Economics
Loyola Marymount Economics Department Homepage

Link to curriculum vitae 



University of Hawaii, PhD,  May 2011.

St. Olaf College; B.A.; Economics, Political Science, and Asian Studies; 2003.


Research  Interests

Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics, Public Economics

Sean's research focuses primarily on efficient invasive species management and on environmental public goods. Sean uses a variety of tools to better understand these topics, running behavioral experiments, traditional regressions, and calibrated simulations in addition to using standard microeconomic theory and mechanism design.

[Research Summary  - Research Statement]


Teaching  Interests

Health Economics, Labor Economics, Statistics, Experimental Methodology

Sean is a passionate and dynamic teacher. Sean received excellent reviews when he taught Environmental and Resource Economics and Game Theory to undergraduates and a mathematics review course for incoming economics graduate students.  
[Teaching Philosophy  - Teaching Evaluations]


Selected Publications

Dellis, A., D’Evelyn, S., Sherstyuk, K., 2010. Multiple Votes, Ballot Truncation and the Two-party System: An Experiment. forthcoming: Social Choice and Welfare. [link]

Burnett, K., D’Evelyn, S., Kaiser, B., Nantamanasikarn, P., Roumasset, J., 2008. Beyond the lamppost: Optimal prevention and control of the Brown Tree Snake in Hawaii. Ecological Economics.  67(1): 66-74. [link]

D’Evelyn, S., Tarui, N., Burnett, K., Roumasset, J., 2008. Learning-by-catching: Uncertain Invasive-species populations and the value of information. Journal of Environmental Management. 89(4): 284-292.[link]


Works in Progress

Private vs. Public Strategies in a Voluntary Contributions Mechanism. [Job Market Paper]

Green Research Grants [Working Paper]

Using Economics to Predict Species Movements from 1850. [with Kimberly Burnett, Brooks Kaiser, and Fred Kraus]

Estimating the Cost of Rodent Control on Islands [with Kimberly Burnett]

Evaluating Policy Options to Reduce the Risk of New Strains of Ohia Rust in Hawaii [with Kimberly Burnett]