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APEC Project

A team of undergraduate students conducts research on APEC and the Hawai'i economy





The leaders of 21 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies will be meeting in Hawai’i in November 2011. Thousands of international government officials, corporate executives, and media will visit Honolulu for the weeklong APEC meetings taking place November 6-13, 2011. This provides a unique and unprecedented opportunity to showcase Hawai’i’s rich cultural heritage, hospitality, and international excellence.

What is APEC all about?

APEC and U.S. (U.S. Department of State) 

APEC 2011 in Honolulu (U.S. Department of State) 

As the meetings approach, UHERO will provide relevant data and analysis for stakeholders and the local community. Briefing reports featured on this site includes reports on APEC member economies, APEC 2011 themes, and interviews of local and international APEC experts.

UHERO is pleased to sponsor student research on important policy issues. UHERO Undergraduate Research reports do not necessarily represent the views of UHERO or the University of Hawaii. 

UHERO APEC Project Flyer


This email list is only used for notification of APEC project events and products. The APEC101 mailing will not be shared with any other entity for any purpose.


Also check out the UH Manoa student-run blog "APEC 101" to find out what's happening with APEC in the community. 
















Here is a great chance for you to win an iPad, Visa Cash Cards and more! Check out the APEC Video Contest!
Send us a 2-4 min video on "What does APEC mean to you as UHM student" to apec2011video@gmail.com  
Deadline for application and video: October 28 2011 Midnight
click here for an application 
APEC Night
Stay tuned for more information!