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APEC Briefs

Prepared by a UHERO team of undergraduate students from the UH Manoa Department of Economics


APEC briefing sheets were prepared by a UHERO team of undergraduate students from the UH Manoa Department of Economics. They provide a one-page synopsis of economic conditions and policies in each APEC economy.

UHERO is pleased to sponsor student research on important policy issues. UHERO Undergraduate Research reports do not necessarily represent the views of UHERO or the University of Hawaii.

Overview of APEC

Download all economies briefs (one document)


issue Briefs 

As stated in the APEC: Outcomes and Outlook (2011), "In 2010, APEC Leaders set forth a comprehensive, forward-looking framework for achieving growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region in the 21st century. The Yokohama Vision called on APEC to promote stronger and deeper regional economic integration, including by taking concrete steps towards achieving a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific. The leaders also outlined an APEC Growth Strategy for achieving high quality growth in the region that is balanced, inclusive, sustainable, innovative, and secure.

APEC 2011 will focus on realizing this vision, in pursuit of APEC's central mission of promoting trade and investment in order to increase economic growth and employment in the Asia-Pacific. APEC 2011 will build towards a seamless regional economy that will ensure long-term prosperity in the region by achieving practical, concrete, and ambitious results."

Three specific priority areas have been outlined as the themes for APEC 2011:

  1. 1. Strengthening regional economic integration and expanding trade
  2. 2. Promoting green growth
  3. 3. Expanding regulatory cooperation and advancing regulatory convergence
  4. The articles in this section will provide briefing materials on these topics.

    APEC: Developing a Next Generation Trade and Investment Agenda

    Trans-Pacific Partnership: Discussion by Dr. Peter Petri and Dr. Michael Plummer

    APEC and Higher Education

    Regional Economic Integration

    Green Growth

    Employment Generation

    Small and Medium Enterprises

    Importance of APEC to China


APEC Ties to hawaiʻI

APEC economies have significant economic, cultural, and social connections with Hawai'i. Forthcoming are the briefs on various economies, partnerships and their ties to Hawai'i.

Hawaii Brief

APEC Ties to Hawaii

Korea Ties to Hawaii

Korea Ties to Hawaii (Korean Translated Version)

China Ties to Hawaii

Hawaii & Benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership


other briefs

From sports teams to lessons learned from events in the past, these briefs cover a wide range of information related to APEC.

APEC Leaders and Their Spouses 

APEC Sports Brief

The Toronto G-20

Homelessness in Hawaii