This dashboard provides Kauai economic data at a glance. The current version is a prototype. All features are subject to change without notice.

Feature Overview

The date range for graphs is controlled by the sliders below each graph.

left-hand sliders

right-hand slider

You can select a new series to graph by clicking on its row in the table.

select new series

You can add a data series to compare to by clicking the compare box in the table.

compare series

The table has little sparkline graphs that allow you to see thumbnail views of movements of each series over time.


You can collapse and expand sections of the table as you like.



On the labor market page, we have implemented a treemap that shows the relative size of each industry in Kauai.


If you hover over a rectangle its shows you the number of jobs in the sector and its year-on-year growth rate for the selected period.

treemap hover

Move the slider and see how the relative importance of sectors ebbs and flows over time. (For example, see how big the construction industry was in early 1993!)

treemap slider

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