Carl Bonham giving the weekly UHERO update on COVID-19 at House Select Committee Meeting

1 thought on “Carl Bonham giving the weekly UHERO update on COVID-19 at House Select Committee Meeting”

  1. Neighbor Island’s are suffering more than your surveys tell you, send out surveys now. Most businesses have finished their round of PPP and many employees are laid off, with no health insurance because we “former” employers are unable to afford the premiums. We are dying here, and the politicians, the financial industry, the construction industry the military, the academia are not suffering because they still get their paychecks! Our young people are going to leave as soon as the FED UI 600 weekly bonus ends, because they will not be able to afford to live here, and they will have better opportunities on the mainland. Our elderly population will become more so, and we will have less diversity and less innovation for the future of Hawaii. This is where the cure is worse than the disease by far because we have a governor who can not make a balanced decision, he is not a leader he is a follower who is listening to the timid and paranoid. We will never be 100% free from germs, and viruses. I have not heard one word regarding the health of our citizens. Nothing about eating better, less sugar and less meat and more fresh food. Getting more exercise outdoors, fresh air, Vitamin D from the sunshine, not pinned inside hiding from a virus. – I am a business owner of a family 50-year-old ocean tourism business in Keauhou Kona… or should I say “was” past tense.

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