Environmental Policy and Planning Group

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UHERO Researchers

UHERO/Water Resources Research Center Associate Specialist

UHERO Specialist

UHERO Economist

Project Researchers and Postdocs

Energy and Policy Specialist

Jade Delevaux

Life Science Researcher, UHERO and The Natural Capital Project


UHERO Fellows

Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Resilience; Professor of Urban and Regional Planning

Professor of Economics

Professor of Economics

Professor of Economics

Emeritus Professor of Economics

Graduate Students

Sisi Zhang

PhD student, Economics

Undergraduate Students

Maile Wong

Botany and Hawaiian studies


Aida Arik PhD, Urban and Regional Planning, 2021
Megan Chock BS, Economics, 2012
Thuy Doan PhD, Economics, 2022
Veronica Gibson PhD student, Botany
Pratistha Gyawali PhD student, Economics
Quong Loc Lam PhD student, Shidler College of Business
David Lewis PhD student, NREM
Rita Lifoifoi BS, Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology, 2022
Gina McGuire PhD, Geography and Environment, 2022
Sarah Medoff PhD, Economics, 2021
Angel Melone Master of Environmental Management, NREM, 2020
Uliʻi Miyajima BS, NREM, 2018
Marcus Peng PhD student, Geography and Environment
Shane Rosen BS, Economics, 2015
Cheryl Geslani Scarton PhD, NREM, 2017
Maja Schjervheim Master of Urban and Regional Planning, 2017
Thomas Piʻilani Smith Master of Urban and Regional Planning, 2021
Alisha Summers Master of Urban and Regional Planning, 2022
David Wade BS, NREM, 2018