Christopher Wada

UHERO Research Economist


Ph.D., Economics, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2010

M.A., Economics, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2007

B.A., Economics, University of California, Berkeley, 2005

Selected Publications

Pongkijvorasin, S., Wada, C.A., Burnett, K.M., 2020. Optimal multi-instrument management of interrelated resources and a groundwater dependent ecosystemJournal of Environmental Management 269, 110723. 

Wada, C.A., Pongkijvorasin, S., Burnett, K.M., 2020. Mountain-to-sea ecological-resource management: forested watershed, coastal aquifers, and groundwater dependent ecosystems. Resource and Energy Economics 59, 101146.

Endress, L., Roumasset, J., Wada, C., 2020. Do natural disasters make sustainable growth impossible? Economics of Disasters and Climate Change (forthcoming).

Bremer, L.L., Wada, C.A., Medoff, S., Page, J., Falinski, K., Burnett, K.M., 2019. Contributions of native forest protection to local water supplies in East Maui. Science of the Total Environment 688, 1422-1432.

Taniguchi, M., Burnett, K., Shimada, J., Hosono, T., Wada, C., Ide, K., 2019. Recovery of Lost Nexus Synergy via Payment for Environmental Services in Kumamoto, Japan. Frontiers in Environmental Science 8, 28.

Burnett, K.M., Ticktin, T., Bremer, L.L., Quazi, S.A., Geslani, C., Wada, C.A., Kurashima, N., Mandle, L., Pascua, P., Depraetere, T., Wolkis, D., Edmonds, M., Giambelluca, T., Falinski, K., Winter, K.B., 2019. Restoring to the Future: Environmental, Cultural, and Management Trade-Offs in Historical versus Hybrid Restoration of a Highly Modified EcosystemConservation Letters 12(1), e12606.

Bremer, L.L., Falinski, K., Ching, C., Wada, C.A., Burnett, K.M., Kukea-Shultz, K., Reppun, N., Chun, G., Oleson, K.L.L., Ticktin, T., 2018. Biocultural Restoration of Traditional Agriculture: Cultural, Environmental, and Economic Outcomes of Lo’i Kalo Restoration in He’eia, O’ahu. Sustainability 10(12), 4502.

Leary, J., Mahnken, B., Wada, C., Burnett, K., 2018. Interpreting Life History Traits of Miconia (Miconia calvescens) through Management over Space and Time in the East Maui Watershed, Hawaii (USA). Invasive Plant Science and Management 11(4), 191-200.

Bremer, L.L., Mandle, L., Trauernicht, C., Pascua, P., McMillen, H.L., Burnett, K., Wada, C.A., Kurashima, N., Quazi, S.A., Giambelluca, T., Chock, P., Ticktin, T., 2018. Bringing multiple values to the table: assessing future land-use and climate change in North Kona, Hawai’i. Ecology and Society 23(1), 33.

Pongkijvorasin, S., Burnett, K., Wada, C., 2018. Joint Management of an Interconnected Coastal Aquifer and Invasive TreeEcological Economics 146, 125-135.

Wada, C.A., Bremer, L.L., Burnett, K., Trauernicht, C., Giambelluca, T., Mandle, L., Parsons, E., Weil, C., Kurashima, N., Ticktin, T., 2017. Estimating Cost-Effectiveness of Hawaiian Dry Forest Restoration Using Spatial Changes in Water Yield and Landscape Flammability Under Climate Change. Pacific Science 71(4), 401-424.

Burnett, K., Wada, C., Balderston, A., 2017. Benefit-cost analysis of watershed conservation on Hawai’i IslandEcological Economics 131, 262-274.

Burnett, K., Wada, C., Endo, A., Taniguchi, M., 2017. The economic value of groundwater in Obama. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 11, 44-52.

Roumasset, J., Wada, C.A., 2015. Payments for Watershed Services as Adaptation to Climate Change: Upstream Conservation and Downstream Aquifer Management. Water Economics and Policy 1(1), 1450003.

Roumasset, J., Wada, C.A., 2014. Energy, Backstop Endogeneity, and the Optimal Use of Groundwater. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 96(5), 1363-1371.

Endress, L., Pongkijvorasin, S., Roumasset, J., Wada, C.A., 2014. Intergenerational equity with individual impatience in a model of optimal and sustainable growthResource and Energy Economics 36(2), 620-635.

Roumasset, J., Wada, C.A., 2013. A dynamic approach to PES pricing and finance of interlinked ecosystem services: Watershed conservation and groundwater managementEcological Economics 87, 24-33.

Burnett, K., D’Evelyn, S., Loope, L., Wada, C.A., 2012. An economic approach to assessing import policies designed to prevent the arrival of invasive species: the case of Puccinia psidii in Hawai’iEnvironmental Science & Policy 19-20, 158-168.

Roumasset, J.A., Wada, C.A., 2012. Ordering the extraction of renewable resources: The case of multiple aquifers. Resource and Energy Economics 34(1), 112-128.

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