Philip Garboden

HCRC Professor in Affordable Housing. Assistant Professor, UHERO and Department of Urban and Regional Planning


Ph.D. in Sociology, 2018. Johns Hopkins University, MD. 

M.S.E. in Applied Math and Statistics, 2018. Johns Hopkins University, MD 

M.A. in Public Policy, 2011. Johns Hopkins University, MD. 

B.A. in Classical Greek and English Literature, 2002. Swarthmore College, PA.

Research Interests



County Results from Small Business Survey

An update to original state-level survey results: The attached tables represent a county-by-county breakdown of the key statistics summarized in last week’s statewide analysis …

Apartment buildings

Preserving Housing Stability During Hawaii’s COVID Crisis

By Philip Garboden Last week, the Eviction Lab released a scorecard for COVID-19 Housing Policy. Hawaii scored fairly well comparatively: 15th out of the 50 …

Waikiki Beach

COVID-19’s Uneven Impact on Businesses and Workers: Results from a UHERO-Chamber of Commerce Hawaii Survey

By Philip Garboden County breakdown update: Right now, everyone is making sacrifices. But as with any natural disaster, some people and places are being …