James Mak

UHERO Research Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Economics

Thank you health heroes, first responders, essential workers

Saving the Class of 2020 From the COVID-19 Economic Crisis

By Sumner La Croix and James Mak At Hawai‘i’s high schools, 11,000+ students at public schools and 3,000+ students at private schools are about to …

Waikiki Beach

Can Hawai‘i Rise from the Ashes of COVID-19 as a Smart Destination?

By Frank Haas and James Mak A recent headline in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser said it all: TOURISM MELTDOWN. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic …

Waikiki Beach

Tap Fed Lending Facilities to Support Local Economy

By Carl Bonham, Byron Gangnes, Sumner LaCroix, and James Mak The State and counties are facing unprecedented budget shortfalls in this fiscal year and the …