UHERO conducts rigorous, independent economic research on issues that are both central to Hawaiʻi and globally relevant. Our research is widely distributed to inform public- and private-sector decision-making in Hawaiʻi.

Hawaiʻi’s citizens, policymakers, businesses, and community organizations make daily choices that impact society, the environment, and the prospects for sustainable economic development. The University’s most important role in economic development is its role in educating and informing stakeholders about economic consequences and trade-offs involved in these choices.

Since 1997 UHERO has established itself as the premier source for forecasts and analysis in Hawai‘i. For over twenty years UHERO has conducted research that benefits the local community, publicized that research both locally and outside Hawai‘i, and expanded funded research on the Hawai‘i economy.


UHERO is a one-stop shop for local data and research. UHERO’s unique Data Portal provides access to the most up to date information on the state’s visitor industry, income, employment, and other crucial indicators of Hawaiʻi’s economy.

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UHERO’s reach into Hawai‘i’s community is far and wide. UHERO’s forecasts and research are cited regularly in the local, national and international press.

UHERO faculty and research fellows appear frequently on local television and radio shows, and speak at several community or business forum each month.

UHERO faculty and research fellows make several trips to the State Legislature each session to inform policymakers of trends and changes in the state economy.

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Through extramurally funded projects, UHERO supports graduate and undergraduate students from a broad range of departments including Economics, Natural Resource Management, Geography, Botany, and Urban and Regional Planning.

Extramural Funding

UHERO faculty and research fellows serve as Principal Investigators on extramurally funded projects across campus which support UHERO students, staff, and operations.


UHERO faculty and fellows conduct frontier research on Hawai‘i’s economy, environment, and communities. Visit our Focus Area pages for more information.

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To be an internationally recognized leader in independent scholarly economic analysis that is both globally relevant and central to the challenges facing Hawai‘i.