Kūlia i Ka Nu’u (literally “Strive for the summit”) is the value of achievement, those who pursue personal excellence. This was the motto of Hawai’i’s Queen Kapi’olani. Your support of UHERO allows us to continually reach for excellence as the premier source for independent economic research, forecasts, and policy analysis in Hawai‘i. Over its more than twenty year history, UHERO research has informed decision making on some of the most important issues facing our community, including the economic outlook for key industries, challenges to our environment, and policies affecting housing, energy, and many other areas

Roughly half of UHERO’s funding derives from donations, grants and contracts, making our research, community outreach, and education activities a prime example of a successful public-private partnership. Contributions from UHERO donors make it possible for UHERO to actively engage the Hawaii community and inform stakeholders about the important challenges facing Hawaii’s economy, environment and people.

UHERO welcomes donations of any size. Donors are recognized in UHERO reports and on our website.

Contributions can be made online at the University of Hawaii Foundation, and we are always happy to discuss the range of opportunities to support the UHERO mission. Please contact Dr. Carl Bonham at or call 808-956-7605.