Maui Fire

Recent findings from the Maui Wildfire Exposure Study featured in The Washington Post May 15, 2024 Months after Maui fires, residents report troubling health problems A new report details respiratory ailments, mental health conditions and lack of access to medical care following the deadly fire in Lahaina in August. Read More
Maui Wildfire Exposure Study: Community Health, Wellbeing, and Resilience May 15, 2024 The Maui Wildfire Exposure Study (MauiWES) is the most comprehensive study focused on understanding and mitigating the health and social impacts of the Maui wildfires. It aims to fill a gap in knowledge about the effects of environmental hazards and socioeconomic challenges on the health and wellbeing of those exposed to the wildfires. Over at… Read More
Delinquencies have spiked in the aftermath of the Maui wildfires March 21, 2024 By Daniela Bond-Smith The devastating Maui wildfires destroyed most of Lahaina and displaced thousands of residents. But many Lahaina homeowners still have mortgages on their properties despite not having a home to go back to. As of the 2020 Census, almost three-quarters (74%; 1309 out of 1773) of Lahaina homeowners did not own their home free… Read More
Ruben Juarez’s work on the Maui Wildfire Exposure Study featured in The Guardian February 13, 2024 The Guardian: "Maui wildfire survivors face soaring rates of depression and lung problems – study" Read More
The New York Times highlights UHERO’s housing research in its coverage of the Maui wildfires. February 13, 2024 New York Times: "My Everything — Gone in a Matter of Moments" Read More
Public Health Report: Initial Findings from the Maui Wildfire Exposure Study February 8, 2024 Following the devastating wildfires from August 8-11, 2023, the Maui community has faced significant challenges including environmental hazards, air pollution, and toxic substances that pose additional long-term health risks. In response, we launched the Maui Wildfire Exposure Cohort Study (MauiWES).  Our initial findings highlight the critical health needs to address acute conditions, including depression, hypertension,… Read More
UHERO’s Ruben Juarez to lead Maui wildfire health study January 25, 2024 A team of University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa researchers are asking Maui residents to participate in a study to analyze the short- and long-term health effects of exposure to the deadly wildfires that destroyed Lahaina and parts of Kula. The team, led by UH Mānoa Professors Ruben Juarez (UH Economic Research Organization–HMSA Distinguished Professor of… Read More
UHERO Forecast for the State of Hawaiʻi: State facing headwinds as Maui recovery begins December 15, 2023 Hawaii’s economy has been resilient in the face of weakening US and global economies, high interest rates, and the glacial return of Japanese travelers. Deceleration in key visitor markets will produce slower growth in 2024. But, absent a US recession, moderate gains will resume in 2025. While economic fallout from the Maui wildfires has been… Read More
UHERO Forecast for the State of Hawaiʻi: Wildfires deliver heavy blow to Maui economy September 22, 2023 The tragic Maui wildfires have inflicted deep pain and loss on the affected communities, and sorrow among all of Hawaii’s residents. There are also economic costs for the county and the state as a whole, many of which will last well into the future. In our first forecast since the fires, we assess the implications… Read More
Economic Perspective of Maui’s Devastating Wildfires September 8, 2023 By James Mak, Paul Brewbaker, and Frank Haas Lahaina is a very special place with so much deep, rich history. Over time, it's evolved. It's been many things. It's been the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. It's been home base for generations of Maui chiefs. It's been a center of commerce in whaling. It's been… Read More
Jobless claims reveal staggering employment cost of Maui wildfires September 7, 2023 By Byron Gangnes Jobless claims for the week ending September 2 have been released. At the national level, new claims ticked down for the fourth straight week, but the four-week trailing average remains in line with claim levels prior to the pandemic. The claims data do not materially change the US labor market picture: Slower… Read More
After the Maui wildfires: The road ahead. August 31, 2023 By Steven Bond-Smith, Daniela Bond-Smith, Carl Bonham, Leah Bremer, Kim Burnett, Makena Coffman, Peter Fuleky, Byron Gangnes, Rachel Inafuku, Ruben Juarez, Sumner La Croix, Colin Moore, Dylan Moore, Nori Tarui, Justin Tyndall, and Chris Wada The immediate recovery efforts from the devastating Maui wildfires continue, and at UHERO we share our community’s anguish over the… Read More