Legacy of Health Across Generations Unveiled in UK Study

In a new publication, “The Intergenerational Transmission of Mental and Physical Health in the United Kingdom,” Tim Halliday and team delve into the intricate web of health outcomes passed down from parents to their adult children. The study, published in Journal of Health Economics, estimates a rank–rank slope in health of 0.17 and an intergenerational health association of 0.19, indicating swift mobility in health compared to income. Particularly intriguing is the lead taken by mental health – parents’ mental well-being significantly influences their offspring’s health, particularly during early adolescence. Additionally, a comprehensive measure of welfare combining income and health demonstrates greater mobility in well-being in the UK compared to the US. These findings underscore the importance of considering mental and physical health in shaping the well-being of future generations and hold significant implications for public health policies and interventions.

Bencsik, Panka, Timothy J. Halliday, and Bhaskar Mazumder. “The intergenerational transmission of mental and physical health in the United Kingdom.” Journal of Health Economics (2023): 102805.

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