Public Health Report: Vaccination Booster Uptake Lags as COVID Impact Reach Widens

Carl Bonham, Daniela Bond-Smith, Tim Halliday, Ruben Juarez, Colin Moore, Christopher Wada, COVID-19, Health, Reports

As we enter a new phase of the pandemic, Hawai‘i’s populations are becoming more confident that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, driving COVID-19 booster uptake down. However, significant impacts exacerbated by the pandemic, including long COVID, mental health issues, and the negative effects of long COVID on unemployment pose significant challenges that warrant monitoring. 

Watch the latest UHERO Focus about the report here:

4 thoughts on “Public Health Report: Vaccination Booster Uptake Lags as COVID Impact Reach Widens”

  1. Patricia Johnson

    I’ve had #6 just before international travel. And, so far so good. No one is masked. I’ll still mask on the plane

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