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Sumner La Croix

UHERO Research Fellow and Professor of Economics

Department of Economics
University of Hawaii
2424 Maile Way, Rm 542
Honolulu, HI 96822

Telephone: 808.956.7061
e-mail: lacroix@hawaii.edu
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Ph.D. in Economics, University of Washington, 1981.
M.A. in Economics, University of Washington, 1979.
Fulbright Scholar, St. Gallen School of Economics and Public Affairs, Switzerland, 1976-1977.
B.A., Double Major in Mathematics - Political and Social Thought, University of Virginia, 1976.

Research Interests

Economic History, Development Economics, Industrial Organization, Law and Economics.

Sumner La Croix is Professor in the Department of Economics Program at the University of Hawai′i-Manoa; and an affiliate faculty member with the UH-Manoa Center for Chinese Studies and the UH-Manoa Center for Japanese Studies.  La Croix’s research focuses on the economic history, development, and current state of economies in the Asia-Pacific region, with an emphasis on issues pertaining to institutional change, property rights, intellectual property rights, and organization and regulation of industry.   Current research projects include articles on patents and access to essential medicines; China’s rise as an international trading power; racial discrimination in Japanese and American baseball; property rights in land in Dutch South Africa; Chinese out-bound tourism and ADS; and economic education in Hawaii. La Croix is also revising a book manuscript on the economic history of Hawaii; and is coordinating the Hawaii Census Project, a multi-year venture to publish a database with all records from the 1900-1930 territorial censuses of Hawaii and to use the database to analyze the assimilation of immigrants to Hawaii.

Selected Publications

Co-author, Government and the American Economy: A New History. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007. (with Price Fishback, Robert Higgs, John Joseph Wallis, Gary Libecap, Stanley Engerman, Jeffrey Hummel, Robert Margo, Robert McGuire, Richard Sylla, Lee Alston, Joseph Ferrie, Mark Guglielmo, E.C. Pasour, Randy Rucker, and Werner Trosken)

"The Evolution of Private Property in Nineteenth-Century Hawaii," Journal of Economic History, Vol. 50, No. 4 (December 1990): 829-52. (with James Roumasset)

“An Economic and Political Analysis of the United State-China Dispute Over Intellectual Property Rights,” in Yunling, Zhang, ed. Transitional Relations of China, Japan, and the United States, 1997. (with Denise Konan) [in Chinese]

“Baseball in Japan and the United States: Same Game, Same Rules, Same Results?” in Rodney Fort and John Fizel, eds., International Sports Economics Comparisons. Praeger Publishers, 2004. (with Akihiko Kawaura)