Apartment buildings

UHERO Survey on the Impacts of COVID-19 on Hawaii’s Rental Properties

UHERO has partnered with landlord and property management organizations to initiate a statewide data collection …

Roles of institutions and stakeholders involved in water producer projects

UHERO’s Leah Bremer on Supporting real-world watershed management

UHERO’s Leah Bremer’s recent publication in Water Resources Research was featured in the Global Water …

Sumner La Croix on Island Focus

UHERO’s Sumner La Croix on Island Focus

Event: The Coming Covid Eviction Crisis and How to Stop It

The Coming Covid Eviction Crisis and How to Stop It Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 9:00 …

Publication: The Mortality Effects of Reduced Medicaid Coverage Among International Migrants in Hawaii: 2012–2018

Congratulations to UHERO’s Timothy Halliday on his publication in the American Journal of Public Health: …

Carl Bonham giving the weekly UHERO update on COVID-19 at House Select Committee Meeting

COVID-19 recovery study

UHERO Research Fellow Ruben Juarez and collaborators from the John A. Burns School of Medicine …

Sumner La Croix on diversifying Hawai’i’s economy

UHERO’s Carl Bonham Speaking to the State House Select Committee on COVID-19