New Publication Demonstrates Excel’s Role in Solving Optimal Groundwater Management

A recent publication titled “Solving Optimal Groundwater Problems with Excel” introduces an accessible solution approach using Excel Solver to address complex coastal groundwater management challenges. The study emphasizes the inadequacy of conventional sustainable yield approaches and instead proposes a comprehensive method for achieving welfare-maximizing groundwater management. Applied to the Pearl Harbor Aquifer in Hawaii, the study demonstrates the Excel-based framework’s effectiveness in determining optimal transition paths for pumping, price, and head level, along with their long-term solutions. The research offers a clear step-by-step process, paving the way for replicable results and discussing potential extensions, including ecosystem protection and multi-aquifer management.

Wada, Christopher A., et al. “Solving Optimal Groundwater Problems with Excel.” Applied Economics Teaching Resources (AETR) 5.2 (2023).

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